Milk Design

Nice wins nothing.


It takes good staff to make good stuff. Launching an idea is a complex process. Each decision is dependent on the next.

Despite all the theoretical background and creative aspirations, we consistently focus on the viability of our solutions. Milk was founded in 1998 as a strategic design company. We launch new products and renew shifting brands. Creative communication creates awareness. We help make products visible and successfully launch them on the market. In addition to project work, milk is a responsible strategic partner. We work creatively to make brands successful using all forms of media: print, film, internet and live advertising.

Cologne, Germany


“Not too many people in this world understand how to bring football emotion on paper or in presentations. The people from MILK are brilliant in this case, they give us a big support in our daily “marketing shark pool” business and that´s why we are successful.”


February.2011 / Peter Pellady, managing director