Dr. Peter Panzenboeck

...Austria citizen, married, 2 children, Dotctor of the BrazilMaters 94.02 Team. His curriculum vitae……Education: 1960 - 1964 school in Eisbach-Rein, 1965 - 1970 Humanistic Gymnasium Canerigasse, Rein in Zweigstelle Eisbach-Rein, 1970 - 1974 in music, in Pädag.Realgymnasium Hasnerplatz Graz, Degree: matura, 1974-1975 Military Service / Österr.Bundesheer, Vocational training: 1987 - 1992 training as a specialist in trauma surgery at Accident Hospital Graz, University Hospital LKH Graz, LKH Judenburg, completed training as a specialist in Unfallchirurgie. Study: 1975 – 1983. Study of medicine at the Karl - Franzensunivärsität in Graz, Degree: Doctor of medicine throughout. Vocational training: 1983 - 1986 Frequency doctor at UKH Graz (Prof. Titze), 1987 - 1989 Assistant doctor at UKH Graz (Prof Titze), 1990 - 1991 Assistant doctor at LKH in Judenburg (Prim Wettl), 1991 - 1992 Assistant physician at University Hospital, Thoracic Surgery in Graz (Prof. Friehe). Vocational training: 1987 – 1992 training as a specialist in trauma surgery in the Accident Hospital Graz, University Hospital LKH Graz, Thoracic Surgery, General Surgery, Orthopedics. Completed training as a specialist in Unfallchirurgie. 1992 - 1999 Senior Registrar in Accident Hospital Graz (Prof.Passl). 1993 - 1998 Medical Director at Ambulatorium am Stadtpark Graz (Physitherapiezentrum). 1999 - 2004 Club doctor at football club Sturm Graz in Graz 3x Champions League Participation (Ivica Osim). 2004 - 2005 team doctor of the Hungarian national football, coaches by Lothar Matthäus, 2003 - 2005 Medical Director at Private Clinic Dr. Hoff in Graz. Since 2006 Medical Director of the Institute for Sports Injuries and Joint Surgery, Graz. Since 2006 Chief physician of the National Sports Association for Riding and Driving in Austria. Training: 1992 - 1999 Emergency, continuously since 1999, sworn court expert - Annual Course in hip surgery, knee, shoulder, foot, ankle Cartilage grafts in Belgium (Prof Belemans) Italy (Prof. Cerrulli), France (Dr.JP Laboureau), Switzerland (Dr. Staubli) Germany (Dr.Ergelet). Member of the Society of Foot Surgery, member of the Society of Trauma Surgery Styria, member of the AGA, member of the ICRS, surgical specialty areas total 7000 operations. Arthroscopic surgery: Knee (front and rear cruciate ligament replacement, Meniscus, Cartilage surgery). Hip, upper u.unteres ankle, shoulder (subacromeale decompression, Rotatorenmanschettenchirurgie, limbus surgery) Elbow, wrist. Cartilage-bone surgery: Bone and joint fracture treatment (Plattenosteosynthese, Marknagelung, ext fixator). Osteotomies (High Tibiaumstellung open wedge, (Femurosteotomien, Fersenbeinosteotomie) Autologous cartilage cell transplantation (bioseed C, chondrotissue) Bankart shoulder-`sche Operation Hallux valg., Rigid. Joint replacement surgery: Hip, shoulder, ankle Totalendoprothese/ Totalendoprothese and knee prostheses unicondyläre. www.panzenboeck.com