Press Release

Frankfurt/Main, May 16th, 2011, Steigenberger Frankfurter-Hof


Samba football for everyone!


“BrazilMasters 94.02” on a world tour


Former Brazilian national football players are travelling around the world with their “Samba football” for five years. From 2012 to 2017, the World Cup stars will be on tour.

The BrazilMasters 94.02 (BM.94.02) is a unique sports event and an independent advertising rostrum for Brazil. More than 30 football players becoming Brazilian world champions in 1994 and 2002 as well as former national football players from the 1990s are travelling through 80 countries on five continents performing their glamorous football for five years. They are expressing Brazilian culture and vitality all around the globe.

The dream team is coached by Carlos Alberto Torres, the captain of the 1970’s national team. “I am very impressed by the idea of sending out the Brazilian football in the form of a football gala event all around the globe”, says the German mot-capped player Lothar Matthäus. “Brazilian football is more than sports: it’s an attitude to life pointing out joy and passion.” Lothar Matthäus, World Champion in 1990, is supporting BrazilMasters 94.02 as its co-developer and advisor. Carlos Alberto, the coach, is very proud of his legendary crew: “It’s true that some of the players have gained weight in the meantime but they haven’t forgotten any of their tricks.” And Carlos Alberto knows that one thing is for sure: “We will enchant the people and carry them off on a 90-minute trip to the world of ‘Samba football’.” He’s already looking forward to the games with World Championship atmosphere all around the world.

A close friend to Carlos Alberto is Franz Beckenbauer, and this is what he thinks about the project: „BrazilMasters 94.02 is a great idea and definitely a highlight for every spectator. As my friend Carlos Alberto is the manager of this team, that means best quality!”

All-star teams from all countries and towns the BrazilMasters 94.02 will be visiting are suitable for being the opponents of the football stars. The BM.94.02 ennobles every jubilee event.

The Ballmiras group merchandises the BrazilMasters 94.02 worldwide exclusively. ”First-class sports and professional entertainment” are a good mixture as another ball game has already shown for a couple of years. Peter Pellady, Director of the Ballmiras AG in Basel, Switzerland says: “The Harlem Globetrotters are representing basketball and the BrazilMasters 94.02 will do the same in football.” and tell the world what Brazil like to say: „People….come to Brazil”.