Andre Agassi



In early September 2014, Andre Agassi had entered into a three-year marketing cooperation agreement with Norbi Update Lowcarb Plc. On a series of meetings during the months preceding the signing of the contract, Andre Agassi and his manager Steve Miller confirmed that they share a common philosophy with the founder of Update 1 revolving around healthy lifestyle based on exercise and low-carbohydrate diet. Andre Agassi and Steve Miller found the worldwide unique product portfolio of Update1 convincing as an outstanding enabler of leading a healthy lifestyle. During his visit in Budapest, Andre Agassi declared to the press that he had never encountered such a complex service system before with a broad low-carb product portfolio and prepared food delivery, not even in the US.

Upon retiring from professional sports, Andre Agassi has committed himself to spreading and promoting healthy lifestyle, making use of his public reputation. He considers that helping underprivileged, poor children should be a social obligation for all successful and influential people. In 1994, at the age of 24, Agassi started a foundation which supports one school to build a future for underprivileged children through learning. Together with Steve Miller, they achieved outstanding results over the years, beginning with the opening of their first school in Las Vegas. Besides their 30 restaurants, Turner Agassi has established 43 schools throughout the USA so far providing opportunities for 1300 underprivileged children.

Steve Miller got well known in the world of business as the Global Sports Marketing Director of Nike.

Since 2, years  he is the manager of Andre Agassi, and today  as the CEO of the holding company of Agassi and Steffi Graf he is responsible for managing the businesses of the group and their financial portfolios. The goal of the foundation is for the Agassi Prep give children the best education possible.

Through the negotiations the world-class American tennis player found that he and the founder of Update share the same philosophy, as Norbert Schóbert also developed Update to promote „healthy lifestyle” as a complex system.

A solid basis for the cooperation is the fact that Update is more than a philosophy: it manufactures the products which satisfy real customer needs, furthermore being a professional logistics partner it can easily supply new markets as well. Thus Agassi will be present in the life of the company, not only for the sake of publicity, but as a partner whose experiences will contribute to Update product innovations and who can further the company’s expansion to other countries.